Children of Gaza



Dear friends and family;

This blog is my attempt to covey the powerful experiences I shared with the Palestinian people in Gaza. The last night of my travels, I was asked to discuss the most positive experience of my trip. Without a doubt, I immediately thought of the bright, beautiful, gracious people we encountered.  As John Ging eloquently stated, “these are very civilized people living in extremely uncivilized circumstances”. The Palestinians are dignified, generous, loving and remarkably peaceful people. It remains my goal to illustrate the love and humanity they demonstrated and to tell their story as it was told to me.


One Response to “Children of Gaza”

  1. Jim Preston Says:

    Thanks so much for giving us the address of your blog. It is quite lovely and you chose wonderful pictures that capture the experience eloquently. It was a great pleasure to meet you and we all enjoyed your company, positive attitude, and graceful calm. Keep up the good work!! It is smiling faces like yours that can make the world a better place for the Children of Gaza and for all of us. We all miss the family of a million and a half Gazans and look forward to seeing them again soon. I have heard that there have been airstrikes in Jabalia camp and other areas the last few days, and even ground incursions. We are unable to get more news at this point, but will keep you posted.

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